Sick Hits For Rotten People

From: VCH Crew

Revisando el mail de este blog me llego un mail de VHC Crew con un Dj set muy bueno de CanBlaster y la seleccion de canciones muy buena sin mas ni mas aqui les dejo el link

CanBlaster - As Heard On Radio VCH Part.1 (Recorded Live @ Nuit De L'Archi 2008, Tournai/Belgium)



01 M-flo, Afrika Bambaataa, Fanny Pack - Get On (Ugly Dumpling remix), Jazzy Sensation (Bronx Version), You Gotta Know
02 Canblaster - I'm On Fire (Bust A Groove)
03 Daft Punk, Cozy Kubo, Cameo, Splack Pack - Around the World, Yellow,Black and Blues, Style, Shake That Ass Bitch (Naked Ass Vocal)
04 Space Raiders, Warp Brothers, Blur, Madonna - Animal House, Time to Rock, Song 2, Music
05 Teenage bad Girl, Run DMC - Cocotte (Canblaster Oldskool mix), It's Like That
06 Seatbelts - Tank! (Cowboy Bebop theme)
07 Stretch, Ce Ce Peniston - Why Did You Do it, Finally
08 Kraftwerk, The Sugar Hill Gang, Chic, Audio Bullys - Music Non-Stop, Rapper's Delight, Good Times, All Sing Along
09 Justice - Phantom (Canblaster live edit)
10 Daft Punk, Afrika Bambaataa - Robot Rock, Planet Rock, Unity Part 1
11 Revolte - Fucking On the Music
12 Audio Bullys - Snake
13 Mantronix, Outkast - King Of The Beats (Original 12 Version), Mrs. Jackson
14 A Tribe Called Quest, Kurtis Blow - Description of a Fool, The Breaks
15 Daft Punk - Da Funk
16 Grandmaster Flash, Etienne de Crecy, Pepe Deluxe - The Message, Funk (Bloody Betroots remix), Salami Fever
17 Salt'n'Pepa_Freq Nasty, CanBlaster - My Mic Sounds Nice, FreQazoid, Nostalchemist (dub)
18 Pizzaman (aka Fatboy Slim), Nightcrawlers, Etienne de Crecy - Sex On The Streets, Push the Feeling On, Rythm & Beat
19 Prodigy - Minefields
20 Herbie Hancock - Ready or Not (live remix)
21 The Bucketheads, Chicago, Le Knight Club - The Bomb!, Street Player, Mirage
22 Capsule, NiKiT, Romanthony, Les Rythmes Digitales - Flashback, Spin Off, Testify, Brother
23 Hostage, Daft Punk, The Hives, NiKiT - Ruthless, Prime Time Of Your Life, Giddy Up, RoadBlaster
24 Johnny Fiasco, Les Rythmes Digitales, Lil Jon - Hijacked (Audiojack remix), Jacques Your Body, Get Crunk
25 Queen, Audioslave, dj Shadow - We Will Rock You, Cochise, Talkie Walkie
26 Jean-Moustache feat. Samuel L Jackson, Eurogirls - God is Back, Aurélie
27 Surkin, Future Sounds Of London - White Knight Two, We have Explosives
28 Wax Tailor, Donovan - Positively Inclined (Canblaster & Myd remix), YO!
29 We Are Terrorists - Western Spaghetti
30 Rhinocerose, Cheri_Aloud - Bitch (Vicarious Bliss Son Of A Bitch mix), Murphy's Law, Bob'O Lean
31 Jean-Moustache, Backthub, Same Sign, Stardust - Funky Shit, Drive Safe, Pharaon (Canblaster remix), Music Sounds Better With You
32 Canblaster, Space Cowboy - Menace, Cuttin' & Scratchin'
33 Planet Funk, Justice - Who Said, Stress
34 Alan Braxe & Fred Falke, Huey Lewis & The News, De Matsu - Arena, Power of Love, Power of Sample
35 Kernkraft 400, The Rapture - Zombie Nation, Whoo! Alright - Yeah...Uh Huh
36 dj Tonka, Gorillaz - Heartjumpin, Feel Good Inc
37 Surkin - Radio Fireworks (Canblaster remix)
38 TTC, dj Funk, 740 Boyz, Prodigy - Antenne 2 (Canblaster Booty Edit), Big Ol' Booty, Shimmy Shake, No Good (Start the Dance)