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HiJack (Jack Union); "Another good EP from Poligono. Sunset Memories is quality!"

Dj Fame (Dubsided); "Wicked, thanks. I’ve been feeling this kids stuff lately for sure, The EP is groovin man, will def show it some love on the dancefloors..."

Adam Bozzetto (Potty Mouth); "cool cowbell in your Remix"

Jeff Doubleu (Dandy Kid); "Yessss another Dubnoir Beauty!!, I love the Chris James Remix on Calambres, and Sunset Memories has been a highlight in my sets for a while now!!"

Danny T (Dandy Kid); "Poligono killin it. All over the Original of Calambres and the subline in Mammuthus gets me funny in my crum"

Malente (Southern Fried); "dig Calambres, good warm up stuff for me. thx"

TJR (Potty Mouth); "dude, nasty stuff.. very mental, LOVE it! Another slammin EP, Mammuthus, Calambres & Calambres (Remix) = all 5/5"

Aniki (Wearhouse); "nice overall EP, not usually my cup of tea, but I cought myself bobbin my head to the groovyness of Mammuthus, will deffo support, Chris James Remix of Calembres is my pick of the lot"

Tom EQ (Wearhouse); "Feeling Mammuthus, very deep, cool vibe. Nice summery e.p fo sho"

Tom Flynn (Anabatic); "Good release"

Kyle Watson (Potty Mouth); "Wicked release, loving the crossover between tech and fidget that Poligono pulls off so well. Definitely an artist and release to pay serious attention to!"

Wongo (Jack Union); "Yooo foocking epic release. Poli for president"

Rene Van Munster (Jack Union); "Good ep.. Diggin Sunset Memories and Calambres mucho!! Thanks"

Nick Supply (Static Jack); "Love the Chris James Remix ;)"

Brabe (Jack Union); "I really dig the release! 'specially feeling Mammuthus, cheers, keep it up!"

Since a very young age, the music was a strong influence on him; like 4 years ago he started to develop some tracks in the electronic field with a project called "Yeye Sound" wich have more tendencies like rock & surf with electro, thanks to this project he was taking in some experience of production matters.

In the beginning of 2008 he started a music blog called "Suave" which took him to know and explore other musical paths: fidget, electro & tech-house; this also give him the opportunity to play with some dudes like: Crookers, Mikix The Cat, Clark Able, Nic Sarno & Wongo, among others. Since his approach to the electronic 4x4 music, his style goes from Techno, House, hilarious samples & a very latin vintage feel, this has taken him, these days, to have some releases with excellent net labels and suported by awesome producers and friends like Jackmaster, Brabe, HiJack, Chris James, Jeff Doubleau, Momma's Boy & Tom EQ...

Next step i guess he doesnt even know what he's gonna eat tomorrow, but for sure he will keepin' dropping nice bombs...

Poligono's debut EP on DubNoir has a taste for all, with all three of the productions combining; Tech & Jacking House. The whole EP is mouth watering in itself, accompanied with label head honcho Chris James on the Remix pacakage, be sure to grab a copy.

Poligono - The Dodonpa EP (320 Kbs)

1.- Calambres (Original Mix)
2.- Sunset Memories (Original Mix)
3.- Mammuthus (Original Mix)
4.- Calambres (Chris James Remix)


Keep It Goin Louder

We Rock Da House

Tied Up

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